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Honored Advisor

Re: JOB Compete

Good I need a crankshaft for an N-14 cummins  asap


that 25 lb payload won't bring home groceries.

But the real question is cost...... and I wonder if amazon even knows...


Honored Advisor

Re: JOB Compete

Bruce,   He is ok.... we need to listen to variety.  I tend to like VD Hanson... I wonder where this goes...


Success is not measured by where the Amazon distribution point gets located.  But what does happen to society overall.


Fresno comparison says they hand out degrees in one location and Fresno is not the place ---- but which location is growing population wise and how does this future "walmart" structure serve both locations?   Or do we build technology for the 10-15% of the population that can afford it and work in that industry and build that border wall somewhere between Fresno and the coast??


I fear this new Amazon fun eventually has to show a profit when government and investers require a return on investment.

It has to improve life for Fresno or it becomes a failure of the rich pampering the rich.