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James Taylor at ill-timed IIT event

At biden's ill-timed party celebrating IIT, as the stock market was crashing and prices were skyrocketing, - did james taylor sing "everybody has the blues" in an idiot joe Presidency. His next number likely was "another grey morning" in America under an idiot joe Presidency.  Final number was "hard times" for Americans dealing with record inflation, supply chain issues, open borders, rampant crime.

Hey mark kelly, you voted for all of biden's pork - is old idiot joe doing a good job? 😄

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Re: James Taylor at ill-timed IIT event

[Appearing alongside Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Pelosi said the "landmark law," which Biden signed last month, is "driving down costs for kitchen table items for America’s working families." 

"Mr. President, thank you for unifying and inspiring a vision of a stronger, fairer, safer future for all our children. Your extraordinary leadership has made this glorious day possible," Pelosi said. 

After a moment of silence, Pelosi told the audience "that’s an applause line," eliciting claps from the spectators.] 

Dang, nothing but hypQcrats at the IIT party and they have to be mandated to applaud.

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Re: James Taylor at ill-timed IIT event


Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Biden and his merry band of Woke & diverse Nimrods bring out James Taylor.

[When you are finally fed up enough with this incompetent rodeo a leftist wankers, remember to vote this coming November. It may be your only real chance to give voice to your outrage.]

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history will be kind, lol

Via Greg Price:

Will never be able to get over the image of Joe Biden speaking about how he singlehandedly beat inflation as the stock market tanks over 1,200 points on live television due to inflation.

An all time moment in the history of American presidents.

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Re: history will be kind, lol

3-2-1 .... Bruce, Knapper or Nox will post an Atlantic piece "proving" how this was actually all Trump`s fault.