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Jeff Angelo`s take on debate

The undecided voter...(BTW who are these idiots?  Stand in front of St Peter at the pearly gates undecided about salvation?) wasn`t who the debate was aimed at.  Chris Wallace asked if Biden was going to stack the SCOTUS and Biden didn`t answer and Trump jumped on it and Biden said "Shut up!" .  I got what I wanted, Biden on record avoiding the court stacking issue and Nqx & Jen got what they wanted of Biden telling Trump to "shut up!".  Undecided voters pitch  a fit and threaten to stay home, well, they are morons and would vote for Biden anyway. 

Next debate is a townhall deal and the holier than thou imbeciles in the crowd will ask snarky questions to Trump and Boo a honest debate like the one you saw last night.  So, Trump better adjust accordingly.

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Re: Jeff Angelo`s take on debate

On Biden's web site he endorsed the new green deal, have they updated it yet?

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Re: Jeff Angelo`s take on debate

Biden lies over and over and gets a pass.