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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor



What a strange coalition...where liberal feminists embrace the same leadership that Muslim terrorists embrace.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Jihad

Just like I said, I would much rather it had been one of you guys that in your supreme hatred of all things not to your liking that did the bombing because then it would have been one and out and now we have to worry that this is just the start of a long hot summer!!

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Jihald

 But the Obama administration has disbanded the CIA interrogation group charged with investigating these plots, leaving America more vulnerable than ever to future threats.

That is cut from the article linked.  The interesting part is apparently the interrogation group has been disbanded. Investigations will no doubt be conducted by another government body.  The process will be the same but driven by some one else.  I suspect the torture that occurred in Gitmo might have bought them into focus.  The US is no more vulnerable now than before.  They cannot investigate them until they arrive and do damage so, in my opinion, the threat is just the same.