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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Jimmy Carter vs. Bama

Red Steele Advisor
Mar 22
Jimmy Carter graduated with distinction from a naval academy and served as an officer without any affirmative action help. Bama won't even show his college transcripts and records. IN FACT THOSE DETAILS ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU ALL IF YOU WEREN'T SO PARANOID ABOUT RESEARCHING THEM. I HAVE READ OF WHAT OF WHAT YOU SPEAK.

Jimmy Carter ran a peanut farm. Bama has never run a business unless we count selling drugs as a busness endeavor. HE WAS NEVER A DRUG DEALER AND THAT IS A TOTAL TOTAL LIE. YOU AND CARTER ARE BOTH NUT JOBS.

Both are successful authors of liberal slanted books, although no one has suggested that Carter hired a former 60's terrorist as a ghost writer. (Bill it). RUBBISH AGAIN. DO YOU HAVE A MENTAL AFFLICTION WITH THE PERPETUATION OF LIES? HOW DOES THE LIEING FIT IN WITH YOUR SANCTIMONIOUS CHRISTIAN BELIEFS? OR IS HYPOCRISY PERMITTED IN YOUR BIBLE?

Carter won a national election with the same voter demographic that propelled Ronald Wilson Reagan into office. Bama won a national election (twice) with what we have now in America.OH THAT BLUUDY DEMOCRACY AGAIN. IT IS WONDERFUL IF YOU CAN MANIPULATE IT IN YOUR FAVOUR.

All in all, it is hard to suggest that Bama is another Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter, as poor a president as you would ever want to inflict on a nation, seems to surpass Bama on virtually every account. ON IN YOUR TINY CRETINISED BRAIN.

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bruce MN

Re: Jimmy Carter vs. Bama

And......?  The joke, if n ot th esorrow, is that you had to go googlin' for all of that.  Of course those things happened.  Not, though, for the purely political reasons that Hansen, a very savvy but idealogically politicized historian iasserts. The Cold War was as hot in the mid-70s after the fall of Saigon and the subsequesnt early ascendance of the fledgling neoconservative movement as it had been since October of 1962.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Jimmy Carter vs. Bama

I did google it and came up with nothing that says Ayers wrote anything for Obama. I personally think you have hired 3020 to write all you posts. The stupidity is quite similar.
Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Better get a new google

Veteran Advisor

Re: Better get a new google

You should get a better mind.  Your village is calling!