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Jimmy Rogers-Don`t give up on the US yet

Two of my favorite people, Rogers and Forbes chat.    at about 5 min Rogers talks about farming.   Meaning no disrespect to Mr Rogers` opinion about "farmers being old" therefore `we run the risk of running out of food`....I don`t see it, in the US anyway farmers are more productive than ever.  The only reason there are so many old farmers is because it`s so damned much fun!  There are ooodles of young guys waiting to take their turn. Rogers says `farmers will be driving Lamborghinis!`   Ah, yeah and those Lamborghinis will be driven perfectly down the road with EZ-Steer.  Smiley Happy   Rogers better come down on the farm before hanging his hat on his "old farmer" theory....There have always been old farmers, someone 90 yr old even complained about old farmers when he was a kid.