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Senior Contributor

Joe Biden, greatest threat to Trump and America

I hope the Democratic party doesn't select Joe as the candidate.  I believe a lot of ignorant people will believe that he's a middle of the road, normal guy.

Many people don't like President Trump because of his bombastic character, funniest thing I've heard is he's a self centered narcissist, you know, like anybody that runs for president.  Remember the previous resident who's each speech contained "I" more than any other character? 

Anyway, Joe has two (2) things that scare normal people.  First he's an extreme liberal and has been for decades.  Joe Biden from 1973 to 2009 was consistently ranked among the 25 most liberal senators.  He also easily changes his position as witnessed recently on abortion, what the party wants, Joe gives.  Imagine a House filled with Democrats piling his desk with Ocasio-Cortez bills or bills outlawing Christian related speech by Abdullahi Omar.

The country can't stand a Joe Biden or any Democratic candidate but Joe unfortunately probably has the best chance by virtue of his false representation by the media.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Joe Biden

Pretty interesting slant on everything there Kurt. Here's a few thoughts....

One thing you that may explain why Biden has shifted positions on certain things is already revealed in your post. You mentioned Biden's tenure from "1973," really to today. Unless you are completely unaware of Democratic politics, you should know that politics has changed over time. It was once, for example, OK for a Democrat to oppose abortion on principal. However today, that position would not be acceptable to a Democrat. That's the thing with any Democratic politician who has been around for that long: They are forced to change positions to fit into today's mainstream party. Otherwise, they are not electable. I'm not saying you should like that, but you should at least be able to understand why platforms change over several decades.

As for "bills outlawing Christian related speech," I think you (Yes, I sad "I") had better consider the Constitution and the likelihood of that happening. Pretty minuscule, especially considering there are three branches of government, one being the judicial. You shouldn't be so scarred. It's rather unrealistic and a true exaggeration, but hey, if that's all you have, you should probably use it. 

I won't really comment on President Trump's narcissism because if you don't see it, you never will and I would never convince you otherwise. It would be a complete waste of time. I'm glad you like him for it.

Senior Contributor

Re: Joe Biden

re: President Trumps narcissism, I never said it wasn't, just that pretty much every President has had it and the previous one was just as extreme with his speeches filled with "I".

As to the Constitution, it's obvious that it's been trampled.  I could site numerous instances but then this post would be deleted probably.  Hate speech or hate crimes are an oxymoron and yet there they are.

I think it's safe to mention the confiscation of property based on some 1800's law of the sea for example or the requirement that you buy something and call it a tax.



Senior Contributor

Re: Joe Biden

With Trump already saying polls are rigged, fake, etc, etc, do you think Trump would adhere to the Constitution and leave office willingly if he loses in 2020?  

Senior Contributor

Re: Joe Biden

(lemerik:  With Trump already saying polls are rigged, fake, etc, etc, do you think Trump would adhere to the Constitution and leave office willingly if he loses in 2020?)  

Bill Maher, is that you?  Yea, I seen part of your boy Maher's interview with CNN where he made the same claim that you parroted, thought Maher was another similar type CNN darling in Avenetti at first.  Maher guaranteed that Trump won't leave office if he loses the next election, of course Maher also guaranteed that Trump would not win the 2016 election.

What ever happened to CNN's rock star contributor and 2020 presidential candidate Avenetti?  Maybe CNN's Avenetti will be the next witness at the 116th investigative Democrat congress?  Wouldn't shock me if Bill Maher is invited as well, along with Howard Stern whom passed up a Supreme Court Justice seat.

Senior Advisor

Re: Joe Biden

Yeah. I see your point. What if he uses the FBI/CIA as a weapon on the new administration as an attempt to de-legitimize it and preform a coup. Would you be cool with that?