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Senior Advisor

Joe Manchin really doesn't think much of the poor people of WV.

 He claims that poor people will just spend the child Tax credit money on drugs despite the evidence to the contrary.  Since 2013, 13 states have been regularly drug testing applicants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and of the  260,000 people they've tested, a total of 338 tested positive for drugs (0.13%).

   Well, he maybe he figures the people of WV don't need the money. But when you look at the median income by state, WV is just ahead of Miss. at $46,000, significantly behind even Alabama, the lowest.  16% of West Virginians live in poverty.

  Now, this poor people/drug money myth has been a republican talking point for 40 years, so it's no wonder that as soon the word got about what Manchin said,  Mitch McConnell called up Manchion and invited him to become a republican.

  You wonder where they get these guys, anyways?