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Veteran Advisor

Re: Joe the Plumber's revenge

What happened to another promise?  Trump swore the debt would loser as soon as he took over because was the greatest businessman and negotiator in history!  Wondering why the debt just went over $22 trillion!

Senior Contributor

Re: Joe the Plumber's revenge

What would you recommend be done about the national debt?  Increase it?  Keep it the same?  Reduce it?  If maintain or reduce it, how?

Senior Contributor

Re: Joe the Plumber's revenge

Well, for starters, there are at least 535 others in the DC colony with their input, and like with Obuma, just because he said it, that didn't

make it law or effective.


2.  Was there a decrease in the Postal retirement fund?


Re: Joe the Plumber's revenge

I think more and more about the fact that the situation is only getting worse. Many are now suffering from unemployment and it is difficult to imagine what will happen in the future. Last year I worked as a manager in an advertising company and got laid off and for more than a year, I have not been able to find a good job. My savings are already running out and I cannot support myself on my own. I receive unemployment benefits every month, but this cannot provide me with the same standard of living. Also, my house is in very poor condition and an urgent replacement of the pipeline is required. I turned to for help, as their services were the cheapest in the city, but at the same time a high level of quality of work. I hope I have enough money to pay off.