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John Kasich

Is giving a interview on CNN.  I like his honesty.  Why didn’t you elect this guy?  Instead, you went with the liar in chief, and thought it was all good because those against Trump were having their heads blown.

Trump has done so many things that have been just awful, and all embraced by the Wing Nuts on here.   It’s been disgusting to watch, and the Wing Nuts cheered.  

Not all publicity is good Mr Trump.  You’ve crossed a line that America is no longer willing to look away, and say, “That’s just Trump.”   It May just be Trump.....but it’s time he’s put back in his place as a failed business owner, and failed human being....without compassion, is a person really human?


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Esteemed Advisor

Re: John Kasich

Kasich actually fairly conservative on a republican scale pre-bat*****.

Believe it or not I would have given him some consideration- he is fairly pragmatic. Did Medicaid expansion in OH which is a no brained- meaning many Republicans don’t have one.