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Senior Advisor

Re: Impressive unemployment numbers? It's easy when....

Impressive unemployment numbers? It's easy when the labor participation rate falls off a cliff.  Last year in Nov. there was just shy of 159 million people employed, today it's 150 million.  But the labor participation rate has also dropped by 4 million, so if all those 9 million were actually actively looking for work, the unemployment rate would be double the current 6.7%.  Meanwhile last month they gained 250,000 new jobs but last week the first time unemployment number was 750,000 or a net loss of 500,000 job. In other words, you're going backward in hurry. 

  Meanwhile, for a whole lot of people, unemployment benefits end the day after Christmas which means that sudden millions are going to either have to go out into the pandemic and look for work or starve.  

In that light, any damn fool would be a better leader in this crisis than the fool we've got now.  63 tweets and not a word about the pandemic or the economic crisis, nothing but  a fake election fraud.