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Johnaa - Gatekeepers

I expect you to go see and give us a report on The Gatekeepers. I heard a spot on this movie on NRP this afternoon and thought of you. Apparently six former Shin Bet leaders are interviewed. I'll make no comment, but I am interested in your opinion both before and after viewing.


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Re: Johnaa - Gatekeepers

  I hope to watch it someday, it's not going to be shown in Mayberry neither is the documentary which is nominated for a Academy Award, Five Broken Cameras about the non-violent demonstrations against the theft of land for the apartheid wall.   Here is a interview with the director of The Gatekeepers and a trailer from the film-- .

  I'll put up some other links to information about these films later, got work right now.


Re: Johnaa - Gatekeepers

snip--In a moment that has been building for nearly a year, today the film 5 Broken Cameras was nominated for the 2013 Best Documentary Feature Oscar award. The film tells the story of Bil'in's resistance to the Separation Wall and introduces viewers to the incredibly inspiring Palestinians who led the struggle. Writing on Mondoweiss, Abdeen Jabara likened the film to The Battle of Algiers when it came out in May:


snip--Phil saw the movie around the same time and wrote:             I found the movie devastating. There are two utterly noble characters in the film: Bassem Abu Rahmah and Adeeb Abu Rahmah. Each of these men  is as glorious as Zorba the Greek, giant spirits who lift their little town in opposition to the occupation, and they fail. Bassem—Phil, the Elephant—of course dies; readers of this site followed his tragic murder when it took place three years ago. Now to see him in all his beautiful wideshouldered bighipped grinning glory, surrounded by the children he felt closest to, it is uplifting and harrowing. Some day there will be statues of this great man.

     As for Adeeb, he is a brave ham. He always likes to make a scene, director Emad Burnat says. Oh but what scenes. He caresses an olive tree in the film. There is this great confrontation with the soldiers. And when he is dolling himself up and Burnat asks if there is a wedding, Adeeb says, There is the weekly demonstration; it is better than any wedding!

    And by the end of the movie, his spirit seems half-broken.

  The other achievement of the movie is the depiction of the Israelis. They are all but evil. We see them shooting Bassem's brother Daba point blank execution style in the leg, so that he will stop demonstrating. We see them crushing creative nonviolent resistance again and again. When the settlers come flying into their new high rises built on Bil’in’s land, one settler says on a cellphone, Get the furniture in, put up the mezzuzzah. It is a crass landgrab. When the villagers shower a Jeep that is carrying Adeeb away with bricks and stones, we cheer them on. 

bruce MN


Just checked the hompage.  5 Broken Cameras is in stock there.  Can be watched on-line if you have that sort of an account.  Gatekeepers is on the list, but is listed as available later.  Not showing in a theater anywhere in Minnesota.


Re: Netflix

I watched Five Broken Cameras on Hulu but I don't know why The Gatekeepers isn't available, maybe because it was just released Feb.. first.   For those who don't read or follow the world media it could be a eye opener.  The demonstrations and the legal challenges were covered in the world press and some of the footage was released in the media during the period he was videoing it.  Like the scene where the solders blind folded his brother and shot him in the leg from a couple feet away and the murder of Bassem Abu-Rahme.  

  The shin bet officers as well as some Mossad and other military men have been speaking out since Cast Lead against the settlements and the Nuttyahoo gang, however those stories are hidden in the Land of the Free.


  I had a lot of distractions while watching 5 broken Cameras and was only able to watch it in between dealing with problems, it was a bad day. 


  I don't believe anyone can fully appreciate and understand the films without having knowledge of the real history of the conflict, the "Big Lie" cover story has been so fully ingrained in the public's mind.  Reading Israeli historian Ilan Pappe's the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine can cure the ignorance.   But few people read and it's not real pleasant to read such a ugly and brutal story, as Counterpunch's review said it's "for anyone who possesses a strong stomach and a equally strong desire for to know the Truth.  


   I hope Five Broken Cameras receives a academy award and does well, but Joe Sacco's comic book work Palestine conveys the situation so much more powerfully in my opinion.  His work is reminiscent of Bill Mauldin's WW2 cartoons, Willy and Joe, he covered the Bosnia Sarajevo war also.


Pamela J. Olson's Fast Times in Palestine also presents a good record on the Palestinians lives.