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Joke from old Czechoslovakia, becoming American

I was a CEO of big company. I was driving corporate Tatra 613. Every morning, coffee was brewed by sexy secretary assistant. One day, they asked me to contribute 5000 crowns for the funeral of the member of Central Committee of the Communist Party. I said that for 5000 crowns I will bury the while committee.

Since then I was CEO of small company. I was driving corporate Tatra 603 and coffee was brewed by old, ugly secretary assistant. Then they reproached me for not attending last party meeting. I said that if I knew it will be the last, I would come with banners.

Since then I was master worker. I drove my own car, I brew my own coffee. I had one painting of of Husák and one of Lollobrigida on the wall. They said to remove that b***h. So I removed painting of Husák.

Since then I worked as a manual labor with shovel. I was riding a bike and I brought my coffee from home in thermos. One day, as I was digging they came and said to hide my bike, because Soviet delegation will be visiting. I said that my bike is locked and insured.

Since then I'm unemployed.

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Re: Joke from old Czechoslovakia, becoming American

It's coming