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You answer your own question john

Stewart isn't on anything that is remotely MSM. he's on a mid level cable netowrk that probably is only ever tuned into by a couple of percent of television owners and viewers.


I'd be quite certain that his "circulation" is somewhere in line with the alternative and undergound press that existed back in the day before electronic media.


Would be interested to know just how many colonial Americans actually ever read Tom Paine? I'd expect not many, but his words and views were still the best of his time and did become infuential in policy.


My views are formed out of observation and experience john. As I sincerley believe that yours are. Let's try not to be too critical of each other's evening  habits.

Doesn't your feet hurt?

   That shoe fits these comments    --" Maybe I'm just not watching the rights news programs or reading the right news papers or web sites.   I just think if the OWS would get this message out there they could get a lot more traction and win many more people over to their side." 


 --"However I do think many folks do read newspapers and news magazines at times or occasionally catch the nightly news." 

   "- The main message I think most folks keep getting from reporting on the OWS is that they are upset with richest 1% and the growing disparity between the very rich and the rest of us and not what our government has done or failed to do.-"

Senior Contributor

Re: Jon Stewart shows why we need to listen to D. Kucinich and Ron Paul

John, you will be happy to know that my daily newspaper did run an AP report yesterday on the Senate vote on the military custody and detainment of terror suspects including U.S. citizens.  I still have not seen any thing yet on the $7.7 trillion hand out to the banks.

Papa Wheelie
Senior Contributor

D*&# Liberals

Now the DINO (Democrat In Name Only) can continue to ignore the 900# gorilla in the room.


Wonder what Ken Starr is doing now?