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Judge will like this one

THink we have a few chatters on here that claimed to be members of the presbytrian religion.  Wonder which church they will go to next?

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Re: Judge will like this one


Yay- While I personally don't give a crap what a bunch of delusional loons think, they sometimes  have a disproportionate influence on our laws and culture. So the fewer delusional nutty old loons hating on us the better.


But, I doubt the disgruntled will stay. They have the Evangelical Presbyterians to run to.


A woman's role in the church? They agree to disagree.

Divorce? Come to post-divorce counseling, give lots of money, and all's well.

Homos ? No way !


ANyway, Good for them Anything that gets the fundies undies in a bunch makes me smile Smiley Very Happy