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Veteran Advisor

Judy Shelton

leaving aside her history of goldbuggery.

But really a perfect GOP economist. When D's were in charge (and unemployment was 9%), low interest rates and deficits were leading to Greece, Greece I tell you!!!!!

When R's are in charge (and unemployment is under 4%), a very wise policy to encourage growth.

A woman after Mike Pence's heart. Although they'd have to meet with a witness present.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Judy Shelton

Some pushback from Rs.

Perhaps a more dangerous pick than Moore or Cain. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Judy Shelton

Pence's public statements on the matter stand as testament to the GOP practice of arguing in bad faith in the quest for power.

We see it every day here- truth doesn't matter because the enemy are bad people.