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Julian Assange

Assange: I Have An Encrypted File With a Dead Man’s Switch And It Is About Hillary Clinton!
August 24, 2016 Alex 19 Comments # hillary clinton, # Jullian Assange, # usa election 2016, #Wikileaks

When WikiLeaks released a mysterious file labeled “WIKILEAKS INSURANCE” for people everywhere to download in advance of a huge upcoming announcement,everyone was having a second thought of what this file actually contain. This file serves as a type of “deadman’s switch” that is currently encrypted. WikiLeaks will release a second encryption key to unlock the file if they are prevented from making a planned announcement. Because of previous statements made by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, many people are wondering if this insurance file is meant to ensure that WikiLeaks can release potentially damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Well, Assange give a response to that question in an interview with John Pilger an Australian journalist based in the United Kingdom and his answer won’t surprise many!



Rumors his internet has been cut or has been killed. What big stories are coming?

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Re: Julian Assange

The big story is that your dead man switch may turn your computer into the blue screen of death...but go ahead, take what ever key you get...and open that baby up!!!


For thanks.  I don't need a new computer.  Mine is just fine...


Tick Tock....