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Just Unbelievable!

You will have to hear this with your very own ears. This was said, just last evening.

Read the top of the page, and watch YouTube video.
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Re: Article by Kevin Hall

COUNCIL BLUFFS – On the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, Democrat congressional hopeful Staci Appel said she did not support revoking the passports of Americans who have joined terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

Appel and Republican nominee David Young participated in the first general election debate of the Third Congressional District race Thursday night in Council Bluffs.

National security was one of the main topics of the debate, not only because it was the 13th anniversary 9/11, but also due to the emergence of the ISIS terrorist group and President Obama’s televised remarks Wednesday night about dealing with the growing threat.

“These terrorist thugs are trying to come to America,” David Young said early in the debate. “There’s homegrown terrorism here. We’re getting reports about it. We need to vigilant in all angles, overseas and here at home.”

That statement by Young prompted a follow-up question from moderator Dean Borg about what each candidate would be urging if they would in Congress right now.

“I’d be urging our State Department to revoke the passports of those who have admitted they’re part of terrorist organizations,” Young said. “Our State Department has that authority. Right now they’re not doing it. They’re disguising it under the gauge of religious freedom. That’s a concern to me.”

Appel was then asked what she would be urging Congress to do.

“I would not be urging taking away their passports,” Appel replied. “I think we need to make sure that we work through the system and look through it on a very diligent basis.”

News reports and Pentagon estimates indicate that around a dozen Americans have joined ISIS in Syria and there are more than 100 Americans who have joined terrorist organizations in that Middle East country.

At least two Americans are believed to have been killed fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The FBI has thwarted attempts by a dozen or so other Americans to aid or join ISIS.

Appel’s statement that she would not urge revocation of those terrorists’ passports is potentially a devastating blow to her campaign. National security has reemerged as a major issue in the U.S. and could become a factor in the November elections.

“To me, it’s commonsense. If you’re a self-avowed terrorist and you have a U.S. passport, the State Department has the authority to revoke that and we need to make sure that we don’t let that person on the run. I was very surprised by my opponent’s answer,” Young said after the debate.

David Young also noted that revocation of American passports from terrorists has bipartisan support, adding that his former boss, Senator Chuck Grassley, and many Democrats support the idea.

Staci Appel refused to participate in interviews with media after the debate. Her campaign manager, Ben Miller, told reporters that Appel “needed to get back”. Two local reporters claimed Appel campaign staff had informed them she would be available for interviews after the debate.

Miller spent several minutes trying to clarify Appel’s statement regarding revoking terrorists’ passports. He told the media she supports a more “comprehensive” approach.

A new poll from Loras College shows David Young trailing Staci Appel by six points in the congressional race. Young shrugged off those figures, noting that the poll on Election Day is the only one that counts.

“We are working very hard and I’m very happy with the performance we had tonight,” Young said. “It showed a clear contrast and here we go on. I look forward to the next debate with her and I hope we have more. We’re trying to schedule more with her but at this point we don’t have as many on the books as we’d like.”

There is only one more scheduled debate between the Third District candidates.
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Re: Article by Kevin Hall

Democrats will take voters any way they can get them. Wouldn't surprise me if they send an absentee ballot to the surviving Boston bomber.

Re: Article by Kevin Hall

They are probably sending absentee ballots to the American ISIS terrorists, even as I type.
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Re: Just Unbelievable!

I caught part of the debate on IPTV, Appel at every opportunity had to say "...and I`m a mother...I have 6 children...blah blah blah.." who gives a crap Staci?


These debates could take 10 minutes instead of a hour if they didn`t have to qualify their answers with endless smarmy gobbledy guck.  David Young shouldn`t have to go though that, just say "Mexicans are here illegaly..the basterds got out of their we`re gonna round `em up send `em back and fix the damned fence that they broke down"   Well, it is probably why I`m not in politics  🙂

Re: Just Unbelievable!

That's the other thing.....She has 5 kids under 12 years of age. If she is placed in Congress, she will either cheat the Citizens of Iowa, or she will cheat her kids with her time.

My little birdies tell me that she is driving her kids to Roosevelt School in Des Moines, everyday. I suppose that she wants her kids to be around the other ultra-liberal elites , instead of those Conservative country kids in Indianola. Will she drive them from Washington, DC to Roosevelt every morning, or just pack them into an elitist school with the Obama's kids?
Oh, and what about her husband, Iowa Supream Court Judge, Brent Appel? Will she just leave him in their palace East of Ackworth, all alone? (Maybe the nanny will look after him 😉 )
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Re: Just Unbelievable!


An easy way to figure out the best candidate is ask which would you leave your own toddlers with ?


Sweet Staci or that pedophile looking gross frapper D Young ??



The answer is clear and it is Blue  🙂



Re: Just Unbelievable!

Or maybe the toddler should be left

We are electing a Congressman, NOT a babysitter.....DUH.

Re: Just Unbelievable!

Appel was a third string pick for the the dems when they thought that Tom Latham was running for re-election. She is living up to her billing. Now that the voters are paying attention, Appel will fade like a daisy blossom on a 105 degree day. 😄
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Re: Just Unbelievable!

He is giving us a look into a liberals heart. They want people who are baby sitters. Take care of us, watch over our every move. 


The rest of us are saying....just leave us the he!! alone.