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Pat C.  #1

Re: Just Unbelievable!

I thought the answer Staci gave when they asked her "What is the biggest difference between her and David is"?


Her answer was "Uh well I am a mother"!

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@Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^) wrote:
That's the other thing.....She has 5 kids under 12 years of age. If she is placed in Congress, she will either cheat the Citizens of Iowa, or she will cheat her kids with her time.


Did you say the same thing about the lip stick wearing pig, and famous Snowbilly from Wasilla ???



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Re: Just Unbelievable!

So much for your theory of Dems aborting themselves out of existence(5 kids).
Kind of interesting that she, a Dem had more children than you Craig.
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Re: Just Unbelievable!

I seriously doubt any of those US fighters would try to come back here with their own passport but if they did try to come back here, what better way to catch them than to have their PPs flagged and arrest them at the airport??

Re: Just Unbelievable!

Nice Spin.
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Re: Just Unbelievable!

Bang! Zoom! Right over his head, Brian!!


Re: Just Unbelievable!

You should know better. Dale is just obtuse. You need to prevent them from ever being able to go to ANY other country,.....EVER. A canceled passport is NO passport. They can't go to Yemen , Somalia, Afkrapistan , to do terrorist business. They also can't go to Mexico City, rent a car, drive up near the US border, and cross our unprotected boundary any time of their choosing.
A "flagged" passport at a US entry point doesn't mean Jack $hit to an American ISIS operative.

Spacey Staci Appel is either dumber than dog poop, or is a willing terrorist supporter. I'll let you pick.
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Re: Just Unbelievable!

I am to believe that all the misguided idealist pions would up and leave on silent simultaneous cue to join an Islamic terrorist organization?  What is thier role at the terrorist organization?  Terrorist organizations aren't providing fake passports anymore?


I've done everything I could for the state of Israel.  If Netanyahu goes on TV one more time...


"Appel worked for 12 years as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch and UBS Paine Webber." -wiki