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Senior Contributor

Re: Interesting

I have actually given Culver credit on this site for his decisive action to cut spending 10% although I don't think a straight across the board cuts was the best route.  He should have spent some time to target specific areas where cuts would have as little negative impact as possible.  Trouble is now days politcians can't seem to make those tough decisions and always want to hire an outside firm to "study" it or appoint a committtee to study it and we didn't have the time as we needed to make some cuts sooner rather then later. 


The state's 10% cuts to schools has forced counties to make big increases in property taxes in the last year at a time when most folk's homes values have declined by 25% or more.   While I give Culver credit for taking the strong action to address our budget problems does not mean I will vote for Culver as I blame him and the Dem controlled state legislature for getting us into such a mess.  Culver and Dems came in and increased state spending by repaying special interest groups that helped get them elected. Even in the last couple of years when a blind man could see the economy was faltering which would result in less state taxes being collected the Dems and Culver still continued to spend like a drunken sailor.

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Re: Interesting

It simply troubles you Dag to see democrats pushing their agenda. The repubs have had the reins the previous 8 years and pretty much denied any democrat initiatves. Now that the dems have at run at bat, you expect them to idle along until you get the bat again.


WE had huge deficits in the early to mid 2000's and I didn't hear you trying to put the brakes on Bush and Co. Do you think Bush would have shut down his agenda to allay our fears about the debt or the economy?


I do think the debt matters and I think spending matters. But spending cuts where the need is least damaging. But first, lets get the revenue stream back up because we need the revenues to fund those in need. Our soldiers coming home and our unemployed or under employed. You need to give up your military toys and your preemptive wars. We fight where we need to fight and not unless it is needed.


Ironically, the repubs are trying to win again with fear. (9/11 9/11 9/11 9/1) the muslim threat, burn the books, stop the community center, blah blah blah! They have politicalized 9/11 since it happened and they are trying it again.


PS I did not vote for Culver. I have moved to Tulsa.

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Re: Interesting

Good try at your Carvillian spin once again Don but as usual your comments are short on honesty and accuracy.


First off I do believe the party in power has the right to push their agenda even if I don't agree with it.  On some matters I have agreed with Dems such as attempting to reform health care although I don't think they have done a very good job of it and have serious doubts it will make much difference in our biggest problem involving health care - high prices.  I also agree with Dems attempting to reform finances but again their efforts seem to be more window dressing then true reform at limiting a run away Wall Street.  I agreed with Obama that we should close down GITMO but after 20 months am still waiting for that to happen.


As far as putting the brakes on Bush and Repubs, I have mentioned here on more then one occasions that I was unhappy Bush never used his veto power to try and cut some of pork barrel spending going on under his watch.


As far as me needing to give up my military toys and my preemptive wars, again you seem out of touch.  I have on numerous occasions stated I think our country needs to keep its nose out of other countries business and that we should cut military spending.  I have mentioned how the worlds two biggest air forces are the U.S. Air Force followed by the U.S. Navy.  I have also mentioned how I agreed with Bill Maher when he said he would like to see the U.S. cut it military spending by a few billion and see if any country tries to attack us.  I have also said I believe we should pull out of Iraq since I believe our presence there does little good and now that we have helped train and build up the Iraqi army and police force that we should let them take over.


While I did vote for Bush and originally accepted his going to war after 9-11 I have long since believed going into Iraq was the wrong choice and that the war their was not well orchestrated and felt Bush should have asked for Rumsfield's resignation.  While I have noted that Bush was not alone at the time in his view of the dangers and possible threats posed by Saddam I have also said I welcome an investigation to see if Bush knowingly and willingly lied about the Saddam threat to help lead us into war in Iraq.  One then also has to wonder if Clinton also lied about the threat posed by Saddam since he and Bush seemed to be in complete agreement on the seriousness of the capabilities and threats posed by Saddam.


I stand corrected on my assumption that you had voted for Culver.  I could not recall how long you had been living down south and was not sure if you still maintained your voting privileges here in Iowa.