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bruce MN

Just heard that the drug addict from Cape Girarduea

backed off today from his call for succession yesterday.

Does he go the way of Tucker and a bunch of other RW mouthpieces that have said the wrong thing and driven people to Newsmax and OANN?

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BA Deere
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Re: Just heard that the drug addict from Cape Girarduea

When I was a kid, i ran away from home...a few hours, I doubt my folks realized I was gone.  Down by the drainage ditch I had a kerosine lantern and I heated raw eggs over it ...2 minutes that should`ve cooked them? that was a bad idea.  I was back before supper.  But there is a lot to think about when you run away from home or succeed from the union.  Wyoming would probably be the only state that could possibly have the mindset to do it, but the logistics of a landlocked state and such.  California whined about it in 2016, but the northern part of the state (Jefferson) has some pretty good people. 

I don`t know what the answer is, but it`d sure be nice if liberal do-gooders would leave people the hell alone that want to be left alone.   Oh good Christ some idiot will no doubt threaten to take away the "socialist interstate" and remove the services from the 'socialist firemen".


Re: Just heard that the drug addict from Cape Girarduea

I feel so bad for people who get drug addicted, they literally lose their lives, but this is not an excuse for those who decided to go on this path. I had a few opportunities to try it at some parties, but I never did it and will never do it in the future. I even refused to use THC in medical purposes, I better find other ways to get rid of pain. I've been using Kratom for some time and it has a great effect on my body. The soothing proprieties are the perfect medicine for me.