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bruce MN

Just how far "just knowing" will get you

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Just how far "just knowing" will get you

Granted, Scott Walker ended up convinvcing the voters and donors that he was simply over his head in a national election, but you honestly do not, as a card carrying socialist liberal, feel any twinges of hypocrisy thinking about Barry "no college transcripts" and Slow Joe, the plagiarist being POTUS and VPOTUS respectively?




That always has been the one saving grace of the Clintons...both are brainy, well educated pragmatic people. Corrupt, evil, etc, too, but certainly not the dim wattage bulbs that Walker, Biden,and Obamba are.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Just how far "just knowing" will get you

What's with "college transcripts"? Do you doubt he graduated? Really????? Have any other presidents put out theirs? Let's see. You don't believe he is a citizen of US. You don't think he is a Christian. Now you're questioning whether he graduated from college???

Re: Just how far "just knowing" will get you

Just knowing that stuff isn't a conscious decision for most- just the intuitive impulse to head to center of the white middlebrow herd.


And for most it offers a simpler path to getting along and making a living.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Just how far "just knowing" will get you

Donald Trump offered $5 million of a charity of Obama`s choosing to make those transcripts public.  Whatever is in them must be worth covering up for Obama more than a charity receiving $5 million of Donald Trump`s money no less.  The transcripts would reveal that Obama isn`t as bright as the "crease in his pant leg" might indicate, what I`d like to see is where the money came form that he got into the schools that he did.  A dope dealer just as Obama would be lucky to get into a community college with all things being equal.