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Veteran Advisor

Just how stupid is trump

He just gets out of walter reed

Hospital with covid19...he needs

To be in isolation for 14 days...

He is still sheading the virus...

Which is what does

Stupid do....he gets to white house

On camera with people around...

And rips his mask off, and spreads

The virus....has he learned anything with his breifings

How long the viris is active on

The furniture, carpet...etc.

He wants to paint the virus as

Nothing...he just had it a couple

Days....understand....he recieved

An experimental drug with limited availability....on oxygen

On an expensive medication for

It, and steroid for breathing...was

In hospital...he got best care in the

nation..of which many in the country will not recieve that

Level of care....yet....acts like it

Is nothing..,

He is an ***** and stupid.


You would think he would be

Thankful, and now realize how 

Bad it is and respect the country

And the people he work with.


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Veteran Advisor

Re: Just how stupid is trump

Something is seriously wrong, with this whole of Trump getting the virus.  (See my latest reply under attempted murder).   

Cheapo, it’s more than just tonight.   If Trump and his family, who entered the debate late and were unable to be tested, and then the traveling entourage refused to wear masks, is really, really scary.   If they came late, knowing there was no time to test, it puts this whole scenario in a whole other context.   

The timeline that I’m looking at, says that Trump probably was Covid positive as early as  Saturday, the 26th - maybe even sooner.   He would’ve been very contagious going into the debate, at Duluth, and of course, at the Roseless Garden signing.   It would also mean, that he knew he had Covid, when the people at the party got it.   Not to mention, the rest of the functions that he attended.   I do believe, Trump himself was patient -0-, and he knew it, far before America was told.  America was told, when he went symptomatic.

The Administration has not provided contact tracing for any of this.    Does Trump know now he’s going to lose, and has decided to take others down with him?   The questions are many - and I’ve been asking them for days.   It’s time America gets answers.   What I see, cannot be allowed to occur by this administration.   This really is beyond the scope of reason.   This needs to stop - now.  America needs and deserves the answers - now.

 Republicans can’t win an election, without lying or fear mongering..... or voter suppression.


Senior Contributor

Re: Just how stupid is trump

'Stupid' or narcissistic......

In his sickness, the president had a chance to show empathy and solidarity. Instead, he did what he always does: make things worse.