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Senior Contributor

Just imagine the carnage

At the orlando gun fest if there had been good guys there with guns. I would imagine they would all have white hats on. Without them people could not distinguish the good guys from the bad. Who knows how many good guys would have been shot by other good guys.


It hard to visualize a bunch a guys half loaded or completely intoxicated making sound decisions about who is the enemy and who is not. I simply don't beleive that crap that more loaded guns on the scene would have brought order to the scene from absolute chaos. It'ws bad enough to have loaded guns there without the added ingredient of alcohol!


 BTW I and some family members came through Orlando about mid morning following the shooting. We knew about gunfire the previous night but did not know the extent of the massacre. We were returning from a southern carribean cruise and caught a flight out of Orlando.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Just imagine the carnage

So gays are too stupid to defend themsleves.

Senior Contributor

Re: Just imagine the carnage

Go to a class put on by a reputable instructor and get a CCW permit, Donny, or just continue to be ignorant of the law.
Senior Contributor

Re: Just imagine the carnage

You are correct Don these gun nuts think more guns is the answer when common sense says a situation like Orlando anyone with a gun would look like a bad guy unless they had a white hat on like the movies.

Pull your gun and who are you going to shoot before they shoot you.


And that does not even consider the fact you have a couple hundred people in a confined area so how would you get a clear shot at the other good bad guy(s) with guns?

Senior Contributor

Right Horton, trained pros are the answer