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bruce MN

Just knowing...gone bad

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BA Deere
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Re: Just knowing...gone bad

So, the "one thing Trump had going" (that he didn`t believe in in global warming) now spoiled with Joe Soucheray, because Trump is building a sea wall to protect his golf course???   "the one thing" Smiley Very Happy  I haven`t listened to Garage Logic in years, but Joe must`ve turned into one of them Twin Cities cuckservatives.  


Just because the sea threatens a golf course that was developed too close to the sea, does not mean that it`s because of "global warming" Soucheray says, the sea threatened it since it was put there in 1919....long before evil white people got into gear burning "fossil" fuels, melting the polar bear`s icebergs...oh yah Libs, better watch out, it that ice in your drink melts, it`ll run over the glass, better drink it before that happens Smiley Very Happy


Soucheray must be one of those bitter clingers to Scotty Walker or Marco Rubio, if his bitch & moan was the "one thing Trump had going".   Trump has "more going for him" than any of the 2 main party nominees in the last 100 years. Teddy Roosevelt being the last president worth a sh*+. 

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Just knowing...gone bad

I've been to County Clare Ireland. In the winter, gales blow in all the time with surf that can smash a house, even 40 feet above sea level. 


I would build a wall myself, to protect the coastline of his property. 


Coastal erosion has been going on in Ireland long before humans ever set foot on the Emerald Isle. 



Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Ireland Erosion Picture

Here is another picture of Ireland erosion due to gales from the Atlantic. This is Dun Aongus, Inish Mhor, just off County Clare, Ireland.  I took this picture in 2005. 



Red Steele
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Re: Just knowing...gone bad

Its nuts how liberal the media is these days....just read a popular mechanics issue and they had s "suckup"

piece about Joe Biden. If you glossed over the obvious points....Joe Biden's wife dying in a car accident, and

one of his son's dying from brain cancer, some of the other points in the article actually explain a lot about

Joe...why he is so worthless when it comes to managing money and finances....Did you know that his

car dealer father gave him a brand new Chevrolet Corvette convertible in 1967 as a wedding present?


No wonder th guy has spent every dime, and then some, that he has made in his entire life . That is bad



The same magazine had an article that was presumably intended as humor , about the nuclear arsenal

of the USA and how it was being made in CHina like everything else, and if Trump pissed them off (oK, they

didnt actually say "trump" but we all know what they meant), the CHinese are sending the warheads over.


WHere do all these libtards come from?

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Re: Just knowing...gone bad

And you were NEVER given anything.  You built EVERYTHING all by your lonesome.  There no words left for you!