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Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...

Putting Ms. Tubman on the $20 bill rewards her for what she might

have done vs. what Andrew Jackson actually did.


She does seem like a pretty curious choice, a fairly minor player

in the history of the USA.


I guess the further you can go from a white, Christian, male, the 

better in Obama's America.


Why does Obama seem to hate white Males so much? His white

grandfather helped raise him, while his black natural father

abandoned him and moved on to one of his next wives. What

exactly is in the psychological makeup of Barry that makes him

hate what you would think he would love, and vice versa?


It's hard to understand fruitloops.



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Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...

Ms.Tubman helped slaves escape the tyranny of slavery. On the other hand, Andrew Jackson was a slave owner that oppressed other human beings. There is a difference between the doers and those that talk about it. Given the days and the mindset of the rural south and the risk involved in her actions, One might consider her actions quite heroic.


So where do your thoughts reside? In the favor of the slave holder or the hero that tried to free them from the bonds of oppression? ML King jr wasn't immediately recognized for his part in the fight for freedom. However, some time later he was recognized by the american public for his role in the march for freedom. You may not agree but some of us recognize the risk and the effort to make men free. Besides is it ok for black folks to have their role models eulogized in this manner?


Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...

Been thinking a lot lately of who the influential " old white men" might be 10 to 20 years from now? Your "notch" has certainly given every indication that you are going to abdicate. I look at Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and that bunch of crybaby gate-keepers on the R side of the MN House and don't see much coming. Who is going to be the Buchanan? Ben Stein? Prebius? He'll have some war stories to tell about back in the day, in '16.
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Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...

Don; I don't think you should classify a person who fought against slavery as a role model for one skin colour only.

She should be a role model for all people.

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Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...

If there still is a "United" States 20 years into the future it will either resemble Calcutta India or some sort of "Judge Dredd" corpatocracy.  The thing is, if we`re honest about the future, paper folding money`s days are numbered.  The IRS doesn`t like cash transactions, the DEA doesn`t like cash, swiping a card or your phone is so much easier, if it`s stolen, you`re only accountable for $50 or so.


But yeah, until we get from here to there, there is going to be an assault on tradition and the old dead white guys on the paper money.   Since liberals are taking everything over these days...let`s cut to the chase.  Put Prince on the $10 bill, Beyonce and Jay Z on the new $45 bill, put Micheal Straighthands and Kelly Ripa on the $30 bill.    Even more than that let`s celebrate cannabalism and put the pioneers of cannabalism the Donner party on the $75 bill, celebrate beastiality and put Linda Lovelace on the $80 bill and I don`t know any of the brave pioneering necrophilacs, but when a "brave" one comes out of the closet, whoever that is should be honored on a $100 bill or something, in our brave new world.

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Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...

Of course You are right. Some folks black and white stuck their neck out to help the oppressed. No doubt others deserve to be recognized as well. Perhaps more than a few canadians.

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Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...



Sounds bad the way you put it.


You should prob self deport.



But,  what do you think about Steve King on Toilet paper ??



I like it  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...

I don`t have to "deport" my roots in this country are very deep.


Whether you want to admit it or not, the reason that you turned out the wonderful person that you are today is because of the white Christian society that you grew up in.  You had a grandmotherly Sunday school teacher that told you "don`t steal or lie", you had a teacher that instilled a work ethic to finish your work for a good grade, cops kept your community safe, neighbors were ready to drop everything and help your family in the event of a tragedy such as a fire. 


All of that is disappearing at a rapid rate, with each old white guy`s funeral, the country becomes more selfish.  I don`t know where the exact "tipping point" of no return is, I suspect it`s somewhere behind us and occured in 2008.  So no, I`m not too optimistic  about the future, but none of this should be a surprise, the Bible foretold of this in the end times.  "brother against brother" and such. 

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Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...



Oh know nothing of the town I grew up in or the abusers employed by my school system.


The cops LOL consisted of the sheriff on the other side of the county.  We did have a " town clown " to harass for a while though.


There is no class or group of people anywhere on the planet more selfish than old American White men.



The bible also said all the animals got a dry ride on the ark.


Even the Kangaroo must have managed to hop across the globe to be saved !!


I had one christian tell me that god shrunk all the animals to the size of a thimble, then made them big again after it was all over. Smiley Very Happy






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Re: Just like Barry's Nobel Peace Prize...

Thank goodness you ain't no brother of mine, although I am against you!!