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bruce MN

Re: Trump consolidates Republican vote...Reuters poll

Every time you trip over a friendly poll check in with Silver:


Iowa and North Carolina sliding back in to play.  But 290-300 that have held steady for months.

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

Re: Trump consolidates Republican vote...Reuters poll

Remember the powder that we were keeping dry until the right time?  The fuse is now being lit and new revelations on the Clinton crime activities will be seen before the absentee voting begins. 😉 


You Demoçrat voters are wearing a back pack, and each new "Clinton" report of corruption is like a brick being put in the backpack. Sooner or later, the amount of bricks will be too much to bear, and most will fall to the floor and give up support for the Çlinton crime syndicate. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Trump consolidates Republican vote...Reuters poll

(and each new "Clinton" report of corruption)


Clinton supporters "can't recall" any of the Clinton's lies & corruption.

bruce MN

What to expect


Re: What to expect

I'll put my tinfoil kook hat on for a minute.


Only low probablity optimism on this and maybe wishful thinking. But even with the likely return of a member of the Bush/Clinton crime family, the era of rampant deep state criminality that ran from the Reagan through GWB years is sort of winding down, or maybe better, morphing into something more mature.*


You can't really blame The Folk for being nuts, but- and this is a given- they're a good two decades behind the curve.


*the narrative can certainly emerge but I don't really find the thread for one of the great events of that period which served as much as coverup/diversions as they did for justifications for desired actions.


I guess the only possibility that immediately occurs to me would be if The Folk go particularly militant and something occurs that shifts to public perception. The takeaway on that would for people to be cautious who they're talkin' turkey with when out on militia jamboree.