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Veteran Advisor

Just some things to ponder

Just something to break all the

"late breaking news" up.

Went to town today....


Looking for floppy ear cap...

You know...those hats we used

To wear, where the ear warmers

Come down, when not needed

Folded up in the cap.....some even

Had a fuzzy ball right on the top.

Went all over town...nothing.

Half the clerks didnt didnt even

Know what they were.

When I went to the lumber yard,

I had to take a double look.... was a NEW outhouse

(one hole)....I had to stop and look

And inspect (but didnt try it out).

Interesting tho....had a disclaimer

You had to have the proper permit.

Only $750.


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Senior Advisor

Re: Just some things to ponder

Noticed caps/hats with ear flaps the last time I was at local Orscheln's, they were even marked down for clearance.  Dad used to wear those, but I just use my hood when it's cold, or cold and windy.


Re: Just some things to ponder

Thumpers Pence and Pompeii wanted him assasinated. Have for some time. 

All part of the “end times”, rapture horse%%%t.