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Justified killing?

A person was killed in the Country of crap house of protesters, we don't know if it was the chop "police" or terrorist warlord that shot and killed this person, or just a random crap house citizen shooting another crap house citizen.  Not sure if it will cause riots and looting in chop - and not sure a person would be able to tell.

The governor of washington state said:  I don't know anything about that.

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Re: Justified killing? 

Salisbury’s video also shows a police extraction team — handguns drawn and in a phalanx led by officers holding shields — attempt to enter the so-called autonomous zone to retrieve the victims, who according to Salisbury had already been transported to the hospital by private car.

The group of officers was quickly surrounded by angry and yelling protesters, who prevented them from moving forward. The team left, but not before other protesters lined up to apparently protect the officers from angry members of the crowd as they retreated.

He also described a scene of “pandemonium” at the medic tent when one of the victims was being treated there, as the medics and others argued over whether they should call Medic One or transport the victims themselves. “There was a lot of confusion,” he says on the video.