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KNAPPer for you

You pooh poohed the attack on Christians and claimed the Constitution would protect them.

read through


"it would require the Christian school to relinquish its moral standards. For instance, the State requires that licensed facilities allow students to have the right to engage in spiritual and sexual exploration,"

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Re: KNAPPer for you

I believe I questioned it rather than "pooh poohed" it.  I hope you agree.

I noted your link began with "Leftist Democrats who own the state of California." This tells me I am not going to really read true, unbiased news. I could not find any true, unbiased articles on this incident. I looked up the school since no reliable reporting existed that I could find - feel free to help.

I did note that your article said "The academy is operated under the ministry of Teen Rescue, a non-profit organization serving students whose parents want a ‘change of scenery’ and an alternate education environment for their teenagers."

So when I looked up the school on their own website, I found it says, "River View Christian Academy is a private boarding school located in Northern California with the purpose of providing a safe, structured, and supportive setting for our students. We provide year-round schooling with ongoing open enrollment.

Many parents who turn to River View Christian Academy are exhausted from their teenager’s rebellion, promiscuity, drug abuse, anger or other self-destructive behaviors. These behaviors are often brought on by the lack of structure and personal attention in public and private day schools.

Many parents have tried counseling and have done all the right things, but their child continues to head in a negative direction. As a result, parents fear for their child’s future."

I just want to know the truth and I couldn't find it. I like to check sources.



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Re: KNAPPer for you

A child is like a boat. It is steered in the right direction when it is paddled from the rear. 🤠👍

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Re: KNAPPer for you


This manual contains the phrase, do a search (press Ctrl + F) for engage, it will be the 5th incidence.

It appears this guide is meant for assisted living or care facilities but because the school has elements equal to those facilities it would fall under those guide lines.  Just as confiscating your car if you had drugs developed under maritime laws.