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Kahneman on Brexit


"They won't regret it because regret is rare. They'll find a way to explain what happened and blame somebody. That is the general pattern when things go wrong and people are afraid," he said.


"We feel too much confidence in our beliefs but the results of psychological research are unequivocal: confidence has very little to do with the information on which it is based," he said.  


Timely considerations for the mood that's gripping most of the developed world.


I've recommended Kahneman's Thinking Fast a Slow before but probably a winter read, requires a fair amount of time and attention.


Speaking of which, I picked up a copy of Bacevich's America's War for the Greater Middle East and think I'll dedicate my spare moments to that for a while and  work the rational brain rather than the festering id.


I'll get back to you about it.


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Re: Kahneman on Brexit

No one in the bar wants the drunk rich guy that buys the rounds of drinks to sober up and ever go home.  They`ll be happy to teach him poker too.