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Kamala and the General Analysis

Though the Kamala was predictable, it will help Biden win California  🙂

I think it was a mistake and will be a major part of what will cost Biden the election, the hard Left has been thrown too many "bones" to win the general.  This is a big reason Joe is afraid to debate, Trump on stage in front of America will ask him to defend amnesty, violence in Portland & Seattle, raising taxes and explaining how promises will be paid for. 

Record Gun sales, now Joe explain Beto the gun czar`s  "Hell yes we`re going to take your guns!". 

IMO even though Klobochar took her name out of consideration, Joe should`ve talked her back into consideration.  Don`t get me wrong, I don`t think Amy`s a moderate, but she does fool a fair number of voters.  And that`s what Joe needs to do is peel off rural Trump supporters, Kamala can`t.  Minnesota, borders Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas, Amy could perhaps damage Trump support in those red states.

Just my observation, there isn`t the enthusiasm for Biden or Kamala for that matter, I hate to admit but Obama had that enthusiasm.  Trump has it,  Trump signs up all over although the media has done their level best to destroy the man, it`s only made him stronger.  I had doubts up until today, but the media and the Left have exhausted their arsenal and the king is still standing.

Polls schmolls, they mean nothing, answered by people so dumb they answer their phone to a number they don`t recognize.

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Re: Kamala and the General Analysis

Normally I'd say the VP on the ticket doesn't make a great deal of difference.  But we'll see if biden can make it through a 90 minute debate.  People might well realize a vote for the democrat is a vote for president Harris. 

Technically biden is not yet the nominee.  Suppose he falls off his bike and cracks a hip.    Who is the nominee bernie or harris?

Senior Advisor

Re: Kamala and the General Analysis

Even in the case of Biden, the nominee is still whomever the party decides.