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Kamala not a progressive prosecutor

You know how there are "good liberals"  who mean well, good people, just they have their politics wrong?  Well, Kamala isn`t one of those type liberals.  Her record as a prosecutor in California is down right scary, proven she has withheld evidence from the defense and used technicalities to keep innocent people in prison for decades.   Knowingly locking up innocent people for purposes of putting a "win" notch in your belt is downright evil. 

This isn`t making deals that close factories or sweetheart deals with drug companies that only hurts people`s employment and pocketbook, like most politicians are involved with.  Kamala has taken people`s freedom and destroyed innocent people`s lives. 

Also Kamala wanted to lockup the parents of truant children, so a single mom working 2 jobs and her kids skip school, Kamala thinks that mother should be locked up!  Let that sink in a moment.  Kamala might be a hot piece of brown sugar on the outside, but a dark soul on the inside. 

Here is a Joe Rogan interview with a couple "decent liberals"  they hate Trump so badly that they`ll vote for Biden even though his running mate knowingly locked up innocent people.  C`mon man!  

Here`s The New York Times article about Kamala`s record...a year before she was selected as Biden`s running mate.   


And then there’s Kevin Cooper, the death row inmate whose trial was infected by racism and corruption. He sought advanced DNA testing to prove his innocence, but Ms. Harris opposed it. (After The New York Times’s exposé of the case went viral, she reversed her position.)

All this is a shame because the state’s top prosecutor has the power and the imperative to seek justice. In cases of tainted convictions, that means conceding error and overturning them. Rather than fulfilling that obligation, Ms. Harris turned legal technicalities into weapons so she could cement injustices.