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Re: Kapernick article. Good read

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I think I understand that snurbert,  

The question is ....... is his choice of action (or lack of it) effective in changing the level of crime that infests various social groups within our population?  Or the extensive list of contributions to that condition.  None of which are simple enough to be solved with a defiant gesture.

The politics of fear and guilt not to be left out of this complicated problem contribute.

 It is not merely an action of choice at the time of the crime or the reaction to the first crime or the ones that follow in response.  The social standards of the community and its people cultivate conditions that victimize the next generation over and over.  And justify the fear and resentment from those who choose to try to make life better by serving in law enforcement and social services.


From the article ....... Colins choices since that "photo opp" have been working to change those conditions for kids in more effective ways....... even though those are not his communities or his problems.   And even if his message still comes across to disadvantaged youth with some defiance mixed with hope and change, he has a heart for a problem that will never be fixed by a camera or a politician who needs to whip up emotions to get out the vote.


I just enjoyed the article....... How often do you read a published essay where the writer can actually paint the picture and not try to change or politicize the content.  We are all walking contradictions in many ways.

I felt informed..... not justified or victimized,  ..... I found ways to understand his humanness.  His mistakes and his accomplishments.

A good writer is rare.