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Re: Kapernick article. Good read

Kaepernick is sort of an idiot- with the Castro socks and what not. Not the way to make a difference if you really wanted to.


But I guess I'll defend the right of anyone to not stand for the national anthem- for whatever reason- but a good reason would be that the third verse celebrates killing escaped slaves and I don't favor either slavery or murder.


That probably ought to be considered more of an offense to our values than statues of run of the mill Confederates (not war criminals like Hampton or Forrest). America the Beautiful would be far superior. It does mention God, but I take it as relatively poetic in nature. If somebody didn;t like that they could sit as well.


But I'll also defend the right of people to pay to watch corporate sports, guzzle $10 beers and sit on the other side of the smoked glass from their overlords if that brings some sort of meaning to their lives.


I guess I also think that if they want to vote for politicians who use their tax money to subsidize it, that's their problem too.