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Torture John Yoo surfaces.

Says that Bannon doesn't have to testify because of his right to not self incriminate. Nobody believes it, but nobody believed that the Geneva Convention wasn't valid just because John said either.

He does have the right to not self incriminate- he can take the 5th on every single question. But he does have to appear. And all pre-existing subpoenaed material is fair game.

Big difference- back then John was on the inside with the support of the POTUS and Admin. 

Now he has no authority. Much like a former POTUS does not, even if he bent every rule while he was in office.

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Re: And every time he ....

...  declines to answer,  "on the grounds that it may incriminate me", he will incriminate himself.

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Re: And every time he ....

Jury is the American people. 40% of whom are nuts.

Playing for the swing 10%.

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Re: And every time he ....

(Jury is the American people. 40% of whom are nuts.           Playing for the swing 10%.)

Well, 37% now, and the vast majority of that 37% are hypocrats, Republicans knew what a disaster senile joe would be, Independents have now figured it out; hypocrats are...well - let's say a little slow, maybe dense?