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Kavanaugh perjured himself

before the Senate in 2006 regarding the George Who? torture program.


All the best people.


I guess you might get the handmaid, though.

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Re: Kavanaugh perjured himself

Trying to envision some other point in our history wherein this wouldn’t be the lead and the biggest story?

Re: Kavanaugh perjured himself

What's waterboarding some bad guys when we've gotten to ripping kids away from their families and putting them in concentration camps.


That's actually a 100% accurate description,


but uncivil, and likely to result in some good folks to be disturbed while eating their tapas.



Re: Kavanaugh perjured himself

Also wondering what administrators (and donors) at Michigan State and Penn State are thinking as they watch Ryan and the House Ethics Committee play the “he’s a good guy” card re: the old friendly rival OSU Coach?

Re: Kavanaugh perjured himself

just wishing wistfully that some forward thinking State Senator in their state has managed to shorten the statute of limitations on sex abuse claims like Jordan did.


MSU thought they were going to be smart by hiring ex-Gov Engler as interim and he could, among other things, push a retroactive bill through the GOP majority legislature. That went over like a lead balloon since nobody wants to be seen anywhere close to that deal and he has no influence any more anyway. And then he went to insulting victims and families and generally adding onto the 500 car pile up.


Can't speak with any authority about what OSU's ultimate financial exposure might be here and as I've said before quite cynically, when the tort bar and victims (might be as many as MSU over 20 years) see a half $B settlement they tend to "come forward."

Re: Kavanaugh perjured himself

and they probably went all dreamy over the part about "balls fondled."

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Re: Kavanaugh perjured himself



Kavenaugh also is ineligible because he is a Frat-boy named Brett - well, at least according the National Organization to terminate unborn babies heartbeats aka naral.


Kavenaugh's first name of Brett also disqualifies him - according some guy with a first name of Stevie. 

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Re: Kavanaugh perjured himself

Now Mueller has a reason to kick his door in and handcuff his wife and kids in the middle of the night. Then slap a gag order on them.

Re: Kavanaugh perjured himself

Your compassion for fetuses touches me.

Hey Special Eddie

is the thing where you put the quotation up something you learned at Russian troll school?