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Esteemed Advisor

Keith Ellison, Right man for MN in crisis

Millions of dollars leaving MN airport in suitcases, for Somalia, and the current AG in MN does nothing......big scandal. Poor Lori Swanson, the current MN state AG,  gets abandoned by the state liberals...even they can smell a bad situation and fail to endorse her for her re-election bid...which should have been a shoe-in.


Why not tap one of the finest legal minds in the Midwest to get the MN state back on to fiscal sanity. What if Keith failed to file his reports on time, if he entered congress with unpaid back taxes, if he divorced his wife and four kids, hey, who out there is perfect, right?


I have complete confidence that Keith Ellison will get to the bottom of the welfare fraud in MN....or at least will get a cut of what is going on.


Pass the popcorn, crack open the Coronas....this one will be interesting. Who needs Trump and his reality show anymore with the stuff we have going on in MN. 


Also, note to Jeff are a good guy, you would make a decent governor, but you are not dirty and slippery enough to win. Be a gracious loser and let Tim Pawlenty and the current incumbent MN Lt. Governor win back the governorship. I wonder if Goofy and his advisors really thought it through when he made his Lt. Governor appointment?


You don't want to be playing checkers when the opposition is playing chess.