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Veteran Advisor

Kelly is gone

Everyone's hope...a strong military man,
Cant even get along with Trump, reports
Are they are not even speaking.

Just how many more people must leave the
White house before you people realize there
Is a problem !!!!

If you know anything about management, if
You have a huge turn over, the problem is
Usually not the staff.

What ever happen to the thing he was bragging
That he always hires the best people.....


Just how many white house staff and cabinet
Positions have been refilled ??

I would think all of you could see the problem

It's very telling .

I very much supported Kelly, knowing something
Had to be done, and Trump needed someone
To help and guide him.

You see where it got us. Kelly loves this country,
He has put up with alot, due to his love for
This country, but when it gets to the point where
He doesn't even talk to the man he was hired
To help, speaks volumes. will be HIS fault.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Kelly is gone

When you take a job as a nanny you don't expect to still be changing diapers after 2 years.

Senior Contributor

one of the other "adults in the room"



“I will be honest with you, it troubles me that the American people seem to want to know so little about issues, that they are satisfied with a 128 characters,”


With the possible exception of Mattis now nobody left but losers, crooks, cranks, reality TV personalities etc.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Kelly is gone forgot fox "news" people
Senior Contributor

Re: Kelly is gone

32 that is the number of people who have decided to get out before the stench of Trump gets on them! He was only going to hire the best? He doesn't know any of those kinds of people.