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Re: KellyAnne says

Oh. I get it. What the policy would be because it's the one the really wanted but wouldn't take the subsidy, out of principle, I suppose.


What did the 1800 get him in 2007?  In 2004?. In 2000?  Income's been stagnant since then and rates skyrocketed during that last era of free market utopia.  Haven't gone up at anywhere near the rate they did then since '09. 


Are you taking an on-line course in logic from 3020? Requires no course material or study time.

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Re: KellyAnne says

No. You don't get it. Obama care never affected you.

Re: KellyAnne says

So when per capita healthcare costs were going up 70% in the GWB years you didn't think it would ever catch up with you?


Or that the billionaires were going to make sure that you suffered so that they could kill it and give themselves more money?


PS. might want to quit smoking too.

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Re: KellyAnne says

Mine didn't go up 70% under Bush. But it went up 400% under Obamacare.

Re: KellyAnne says

Recalling your having told us about the crap policy you had that became unavailable.  Because they quit selling it.

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Re: KellyAnne says

I heard ryan say yesterday that the GOP has a plan, lots of plans , very good plans! Sound familiar?
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Re: KellyAnne says

They quit selling it because it was OUTLAWED. Much better policy than we have today.

Re: KellyAnne says

35% compared to 70% appears to be twice as much but changes a lot when you put the numbers to it.  And for me personally the biggest jumps came after the ACA kicked in.  I'm not saying the ACA is all bad just many different ways to bounce numbers around.

Re: KellyAnne says

Yes, lots of problems with ACA.


But for anyone who isn't willfully oblivious, 3020's probably comes about because the GOP only wants to kill it and the lion's share- the huge jump in some individual exchange markets, would be easily fixed if they wanted to.


But anyway, people who weere still getting by on non-communty rated teaser rate risk pools were living on borrowed time.

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Fake News

listened to the 830 am radio show for about half an hour yesterday on a drive

and they were really hammering the "20 million losing insurance" theme, and

even had a reference to Gayle King and Charlie Rose on the mother ship

thrown in. 


Newsflash.....20 million Americans did not get "health insurance"....over 18 million,

(90 percent for you that are a little math challenged)  benefited from Medicaid expansion,

with federal particpation for a year or two, then on the beleaguerd states backs, and

the taxpayers of those states...a time bomb waiting to go off. Thats why some of the

states said "no thanks"....they looked down the road and saw the smoke.


So somewhat over a million Americans got insurance, not welfare, and the cost of the

Obama program has been estimated at a Trillion for what it has cost the American economy.

Roughly a million dollars per recipent. Just like the $500 hammers the military was buying

back in the 1960's. But lets just parade out more "fake news" and pretend that it's a system

that is working and well thought out.


Just like the Hemmingway character that had his nuts shot off said "isn't it pretty to think so?"