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Kellyanne- look closely

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Re: Kellyanne- look closely

Even her hubby is smart enough to stay at arm's length as he took his name out of the running for a Justice job.

Re: Kellyanne- look closely

Probably wise to not both be in that leaky vessel.

Re: Kellyanne- look closely

Getting to be a rather big story is the fact that large numbers of positions remain unfolded as no one is interested in taking them. 


Said I'd to be the reason that Prebius hasn't been sacked.


Have you ever seen the hilarious movie Office Space (early Jennifer Anniston for Red, BA and 30 and the other horndog expert judges of female flesh here) and the guy who sat in a basement space all day long fiddling with his stapler?

I don't know if anyone noticed

Tom Ricks' (I know, Bad People) call for McMaster to resign before he gets used more grievously- also the same from some of the junior officer corps.


An enormous tension rising between qualified potential picks (the stable of professional RW echo chamber liars like Conway and Pruitt having been largely exhausted) and the demands of The Base for more entertainment- which have only heightened.