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Kelsey Timmerman-`Where am I Wearing`  


This book is mandatory readinging for the incoming freshman in the honors study program at Iowa State.  It looks very interesting, Kelsey visited the countries that made his clothes to see how those people live. This September he will lecture at ISU.  My Son bought a copy of the book and I look forward to reading it at some point.


I`m not prejudging the book, but I assume that he doesn`t mention the US textile mills that moved their factories overseas.  I would be interested on the affect that has had on those small towns right here.  It`s about one generation removed from when a mill had a decent wage, today those kids and grandkids no longer have that job available and either clerk at a Dollar General store or go in the military.


This country`s standard of living is being brought down to that of the 3rd world.

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Re: Kelsey Timmerman-`Where am I Wearing`

It got you $7 corn and danced to near 0 percent interest rates. The conditions and the symptoms of supply side policies and unregulated, unbridled financialization aren't eligible for being selectively segmented. You is or you isn't.