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Senior Contributor

Re: Kent Sorenson endorses Ron Paul..WoW!

I still like Paul but can't vote for him.


Of course you can't. Be honest you don't like him either. He is for smaller government, you are no where close to that. good honest for once.

Re: Kent Sorenson endorses Ron Paul..WoW!

Old time Republican freind said to me last night that Ron Paul is "like Harold Stassen, only with a platform"

Senior Advisor

Re: Kent Sorenson endorses Ron Paul..WoW!

I favor Paul's stance on bringing the troops home and am interested in  his approach to the fed. I cannot agree with on SS because he thinks they should be ended albeit over time. I favor protectinbf SS and medicare not only for me but for future generations. We can afford that but we need to pay for it.


I do like hm and am impressed with his apparent honesty. You won't see him flip flopping like most of the repub candidates. IU favor saocial issues being addressed and thta is why I won't vote for any republicans, Period.


I like Ron paul but a don't hate him like you do Obama. Paul is probably the best yoiu have to offer but he is not enough.