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Veteran Advisor


Oh where do I begin..long day, meetings, church
Weekly community meal, farm stuff and
Trump and his little friend...Vlad.

Ketchup....a sauce that we use to add or cover
Up flavor, or looks of something or make something

Think I might change name for trump...from
Tweety to ketchup.

It was good that trump and Vlad got together we can now see how far
Out in left field ketchup is.

Our own intelligence community....his own
Staff and cabinet...even military, say the Russians
Have and continue to threaten America.

Trump says no proof, fake news

His own advisors are shaking their heads, how
Much damage was done.
Europe having a fit

Even the Republicans are up in the air.

Things are out of control.

Sorry, nothing, rush, ba or allen can say or
Do that will explain his actions

There is no explanation..
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Senior Contributor

Re: Ketchup

I am so enlightened by this
Senior Contributor

Re: Ketchup

I take relish on my hot dog please. What idiots!

Senior Advisor

Re: Ketchup

Gesh. Did he sell them uranium or give them pallets of cash.

Senior Contributor

Re: Mustard and chopped onion.

Just another liberal "WERE ALL GONNA DIE" thingy.

Senior Advisor

Re: Mustard and chopped onion.

Stormy  &  Bankruptcy  will  be  a  cake  walk,  till  the  Miss Maria B - R R A  - NRA    gets  roll'n   - mAybE  ? 

Senior Advisor

Re: Mustard and chopped onion.

TODAY's   -    ALL  TURN  IT,  IVE     FACTS  are '' AH  did I say  That  ''  ,  I  meant  ah  sumpthun  else ,  AH  when I  said , I meant,   is  that  what  I  said is   ah   well  maybe it  might  be - - -