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bruce MN

Keynesian GOP candidate?

Probably not in that platform the thumpers put together for him.


Intriquing nonetheless.  Irony to the 100X if he can sell it.

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Keynesian GOP candidate?

The problems in the US economy are systemic and defy any antique methods of

either defining, or dealing with them. If you go with what brought us to this point,

you are going to be kicking the remaining legs out of a very wobbly stool. That's

the Hillary choice in this ain't gonna work.


Trump understands situations like this very well, having taken and given haircuts to

keep his business interests surviving. And Trump is not adverse to raising taxes or

confiscating wealth to get the country back on kelter, either. If we both were to vote

our pocketbooks, I would probably vote for Hillary and you for Trump.


Republicans, the RINOS for sure, and Democrats seem to almost equally detest

Mr. Trump. That probably is not all bad...maybe a President Trump will force some

bi-partisan workmanship.


Its nice to think that there is someway that all the problems just disappear with some

more shifty slight of hand tricks, but that is not the reality. The last thing America needs

is four more years of having a republican congress fighting and trying to score points

against a Democrat president.