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Kick it down the Road

No evidence of wire tapping Trump, from anywhere.

Now Trump says that there will be something major coming out in the next two weeks.

And we'll get to see his taxes, and have a news conference on how our First Lady of Porn got here legally.

Or, maybe in two weeks America will "forget", and Trumps interpreters will come out and say, "We've moved on." Just like he has every other time - but some of us won't forget....

Tick Tick...

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Kick it down the Road

I see the Right has already moved on from this topic. Too bad - and we still have Russia, Russia, Russia in the wings. And has anyone checked out the massacre in Bowling Green yet? Gee, since you guys checked out Pizzarias, I figured for sure you would've checked that out by now and reported back. Kelly Anne would probably really like a report back - her reputation has dropped faster than the price of snow in a blizzard.....

Tick Tock....

Senior Contributor

Re: Kick it down the Road

I would say your reputation is on the rocks not Melania's.

Senior Advisor

Re: Kick it down the Road

More disappointment for the drama queen. Or should I say drama ze. Do you get confused when it's time to go to the restroom. [hint] if Bruce Jenner just came out it's probably the wrong one.



A supporter of Hillary Clinton and former acting CIA director Michael Morell suggested there isn't enough evidence to believe that aides on President Trump's campaign team colluded with Russia, NBC reported Wednesday.

Morell was reportedly one of Clinton's top picks to head the CIA had she won, and previously called President Donald Trump an "unwitting agent of the Russian Federation."

"On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here, there is smoke, but there is no fire, at all," Morell reportedly said at an event sponsored by the intelligence website Cipher Brief.


"Unless you know the sources, and unless you know how a particular source acquired a particular piece of information, you can't judge the information — you just can't," Morell continued, referencing an unsubstantiated dossier, compiled by a former British intelligence agent, that made claims of Trump aides' Russia connections.

The dossier "doesn't take you anywhere, I don't think," he added.