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Kids in school, what did they expect.

   All summer, they were doing pretty good in this county as far as covid was concerned, a few cases a week, an occasional hospitalization, no deaths.  Then the kids went back to school after Labor Day. The first week back, nothing, the second week, cases picked up, the third week, an alarming rise in cases & hospitalizations, and four deaths.  Then bang, the fourth week, all hell broke loose. They'll end the month with over a thousand cases, over fifty hospitalizations, and a dozen deaths & counting.

  Meanwhile, the state's Covid Report Card for the schools was offline until last week.  One look told all we needed to know and this week's numbers confirmed it.  Every school district reports 1, 2, 3, or 20 cases among students and staff.

   What did they expect, take all the children, load them on buses, take them to a central location, mingle them all up (masked or not) for six hours at a time, and do that day after day?  And then send them all home where half the adults have refused to get vaccinated for some "political" principle.

  We've already seen the initial results, children hospitalized and 30, 40, & 50-year old adults dead.  The only thing that surprised me is just fast some of these people are dying.  So & so is hospitalized, the next day so & so is dead.

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Re: Kids in school, what did they expect.

Yes, it would be much better if nearly all eligible people were vaccinated, but places like NYC appear to be weathering school reopening realtively well- more tests, lower positivity.

The Slaughter of the MAGAs even appears to be tailing off. 

I'm relatively optimistic, although something like daily deaths in the high hundreds through New Years would otherwise be regarded as a first degree public health emergency.