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Re: Kids still in the house

I don`t prejudge "kids" living at home, everyone`s circumstance is different.  Back in the day, I got out as soon as possible because of the dating situation back then living with the folks was kind of a deal breaker with young women.  My kids got out and are anxious to get out because let`s face it, Mom and me aren`t exactly included in their dreams of conquering the world and I`m okay with that.  I`m not at all someone that set the world on fire, but somewhere in their mother`s and my DNA they got a cocktail of exceptional genes and far be it for me to hold them back.  Although when they visit I am so happy and get sad when they have to leave to go about chasing their dreams. 


But my and their situations are different from a lot of America.  If a "kid" has debt (with a plan going to pay it down) it makes perfect sense to suck it up and move into their old room for 5yrs to get on their feet.  Or a farm family, if they have a big house and a lot of work right out the front door, it wouldn`t be a dumb idea for a young man or lady to live "at home" until they start their own family...why throw money away on extra utilities and rent?


However there`s a big caveat, they can`t get too comfortable and lounge around and wake up one day they are 35 and wasted 15 precious years of their life.