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Re: Young millennial women not buying this..

Society is getting skewed through social engineering, young women going into the "STEM" areas of study get a ton of scholarships (probably free rides if they`re any good at it) where "students that identify as male" don`t qualify .  And I have personally seen two students male & female equally qualified for a engineer internship (male a little more qualified to be honest) but the female was accepted for the internship 3 weeks sooner, the male also got it, but wasn`t the shoe in as the female...because it was an engineering job and the company gets "brownie points" for more females.


Well over the years females have had an advantage in the STEM field, which is a ton of money.  A male student may run out of money and lack of scholarships and have to settle on a lesser job.   So it isn`t a surprise that women are earning more than men in some situations.