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Kids were in Boston yesterday

Ironically they were visiting harvard and the park bench that Robin Williams sat on during the filming of Good Will Hunting. Pharmacy Doctor darci said she had the urge to go to law school now. She was so inclined in her 20's but opted for pharmacy school instead.


Lots of flowers and decorations in memory of Robin at the site.


A related experience was a "friend' of Robin Williams that had to note all the drinking drugging and womanizing he and departed did in their youth. Why does anyone think that is apositive addition to the millions that are euologizing him.


A very talented gifted performer. A guy tthat loved people and loved to make them laugh., Anything more is not needed.

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Taylor ECIL
Senior Contributor

Re: Kids were in Boston yesterday

I always enjoyed Robin Williams work, another hollywood great lost too young. Depression is a terrible disease, wish it no one.